Want to join the team?

We are hiring:
  • Developers (staking, node creation, NFTs, etc)
  • Artists and Graphic designers
  • Mods
If you think you qualify, let us know by reaching out to Experienced individuals only with proven past experience. Thank you.

Contribute to the meme

Spreading the word about PERMABULL and explaining to people how it works are one of the best ways to support the project right now. In addition, please read our complete shitcoin investing checklist, every investor should follow:
In the meantime, stay active in our telegram where we have regular contests and organise raids for soft shilling in telegram lounges, telegram groups, reddit and other social platforms.
If you tell your friends and family to invest in PERMABULL, make sure to inform them of the risks on cryptocurrencies and let them know how to avoid scams and stay safe with their wallets!
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Want to join the team?
Contribute to the meme