The $PERMABULL token funds the entirety of the operations by the Permabull Labs, as well as the Permabull DAO.


A. Governance of the PERMABULL ecosystem

The PERMABULL token enables community ownership and active stewardship of the Protocol. UNI holders govern the Protocol through an on-chain governance process.
The initial minting and creation of the token was intended to crowdsource funds to start our operations. As time passes, we are gradually adding more and more utility to the token to reward investors.
Now, the token allows investors to share your opinions and shape the future of the protocol. The governance process is entirely controlled on Snapshot; a simple off-chain voting interface for community members to signal sentiment during the early stages of a proposalโ€™s life cycle.
โ€‹Visit Snapshot to vote on current proposals (must hold PERMABULL to start voting)

B. Participation in project launches

At the time being, you need to hold at least 20 PERMABULL to get whitelisted to presales, and to be eligible for launchpad airdrops. Having multiple wallets holding PERMABULL will therefore grant you access to multiple allocations.
In the event of a whitelisted presale, all holders above 20 PERMABULL will be automatically whitelisted to invest in presales. In the event of an airdrop, the holders will be airdropped automatically the new project launch (unless exception, for example if the project requires to claim tokens or the airdrop is based on a competition rather a freebie to everyone). This depends on the nature of the launch as they may vary between projects, and should be consulted prior to launch for further information.

C. Project-specific utility

As the launchpad grows, we are constantly monitoring trends to identify new potential utilities, and remove redundant ones. For this reason, the utility of PERMABULL might change, especially from project to project. The team is committed to bring the following tokenomics and future developments to $PERMABULL:
  • hard coding buyback and burns on taxes of new projects: PERMABULL therefore becomes deflationary and there is an organic, upward buying pressure if the launches of the launchpads are successful.
  • Redistributing generated revenues thru contests: some projects bring additional revenue to the DAO, therefore in order to compensate holders, we will organise lotteries/contests to win some of the generated revenue of launches, airdropped in ETH or $PERMABULL.
  • Staking different tiers allowing different participations in pools,
  • Collecting airdrops of partnering projects (non-affiliated to the Launchpad),
  • Buy back and burns thanks to some retainer fees generated for the Dev-as-a-Service utility,
  • And moreโ€ฆ!


Contract Address: 0xac7b416cc26266c2ea45d6338510719ea63274d9

Transaction Taxation

On every transaction, certain taxes are made in order to sustain the protocol. The total taxes for every buy and sell are 4%. The following transaction taxes are broken down on every buy and sell as follows:
  • 3% is used to grow the Fund for the DAO to invest in upcoming launches*
  • 1% is sent to the PERMABULL liquidity, and decrease price impact of each transaction
*DAO Funding: A small percentage of the DAO Fund will be directed towards building up the project. This includes improving dashboards, DApps, partnerships, listing on CEXs, marketing campaigns and paying developers for their hard work as well as marketing campaigns. Please check our Roadmap to see everything we plan for developing the protocol.

Token Allocation

Important: Permabear is not a new token, it is in fact a relaunch or a previous contract that we rebranded into PERMABULL. There is no unlock schedule and all holders have already been airdropped their allocation.
We did this because we saw better long-term potential as the under Permabear brand, in addition of the previous contract causing expensive transactions and router clogs. This is why you may see some holders airdropped at launch. These are not influencers, VCs or members of the team, these are holders of the v1 only.
The current allocation is distributed as follows:
Total $PERMABULL Supply: 100,000
  • Initial Liquidity pool: 45%
  • v1 Holders (airdropped automatically): 15%
  • Initial Burn: 35%
  • Team and Marketing: 5%
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