Crypto moves fast, and we move fast too. Pivoting is a way of life. That means that we don’t publicly commit to specific timelines, so we can organize our development priorities based on market changes.
For example the utility of the PERMABULL token might change or become redundant over time, so the team is committed to stack utility to the token. At the time being, the coin is a community-driven coin with governance utility for the DAO.
Phase 1: Launch
  • Core Development βœ…
  • Website & Branding Set up βœ…
  • Docs & Whitepaper release βœ…
  • Community Launch (Telegram) βœ…
  • Coin Launch & Contract Optimization βœ…
  • v1 Launch βœ…
Phase 2: Early Adoption
  • First Degen Launch βœ…
  • PERMABULL v2 βœ…
  • Audit & KYC
Phase 3: Cruising Speed
  • v2 Dashboard (Connect wallet, airdrops, etc...)
  • Coingecko & CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Expand Team (Developers, Analysts, Mods...)
  • Staking
Phase 4: Mass Adoption
  • Full functional DAO for investment picks (e.g. on Snapshot) βœ…
  • Partnerships with other protocols
  • CEX listing
  • Renounced Ownership


PERMABULL has many ideas to further bring utility to our token, amongst other initiatives:
  • NFT royalty burns; we’ve seen passive income NFTs be successful so we could incorporate this feature in an exclusive PERMABULL NFT collection. This gives the collection intrinsic value from the start and allow additional benefits to the launchpad
  • Simple, addictive P2E flash games; we don’t aim to create the next metaverse. Simple games can be extremely lucrative, like this coin flip game on Solana, and most importantly easily achievable for the DAO
  • Partner with other launchpads; making joint coin launches with another launchpad means that we mutually benefit from each other investor pools, and create a positive buy pressure on each other’s native tokens, in addition to a great talent exchange
  • Partake in larger IDOs/IGOs; Having a pool for a serious project, also listed on the larger IDO platforms, like Polkastarter, would not only attract quality projects but also a larger pool of investors thanks to the gained credibility.
Have a suggestion or want to partner up? Contact us and let us know!
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