The Official PERMABULL Documentation

What is Permabull?

Permabull (noun): an investor who consistently acts in the expectation that the value of stocks and shares will rise. Applies to all financial assets.


PERMABULL is a DAO that funds new projects & lets them create their own token/NFT with no coding knowledge. We build the community, the website, the marketing, the contract and all the boring stuff, while you sit back and enjoy your moonshot.
Essentially, PERMABULL is the first Dev-as-as-Service coin in crypto!
Permabull will let the community decide which projects it will fund. These projects can be cryptocurrencies, tokens or, in the future, NFT’s and metaverse land plots.


The main utility of the PERMABULL token is to enforce governance in the entire PERMABULL ecosystem. Holders are able to vote for proposals on Snapshot, a simple off-chain voting interface for community members to signal sentiment during the early stages of a proposal’s life cycle.
Other utilities for the token are to participate in project launches on the launchpad. At the time being, you need to hold at least 20 PERMABULL to get whitelisted to presales, and to be eligible for launchpad airdrops.
As the launchpad grows, we are constantly monitoring trends to identify new potential utilities, and remove redundant ones. For this reason, the utility of PERMABULL might change, especially from project to project.
For example, holding PERMABULL gives you the chance to redeem tokens in case a project goes wrong or becoming eligible to won some of the generated revenue launched bring in. Some utilities are project specific: such as implementing a tax on new launches that will automatically buy back and burn the PERMABULL supply, making it hyperinflationary.
The tokenomics are as follow:
  • The current taxes are 4% on buys and sells for the PERMABULL token.
  • The current supply of PERMABULL is just 100,000.
  • Anti-whale mechanics are in place where max wallet allowed is 3% of supply with a max transaction of 1%.
Join the PERMABULL ecosystem today by purchasing some tokens: how to buy?​


Let’s take an example on how this could work: You want to launch a project and apply via PERMABULL for funding. The PERMABULL community votes for your project if they think it has great potential to moon and potentially become the next SHIBA.
As a founder, you get funding, experience and access to meme coin investors immediately, compared if you were to launch the coin by yourself. You also get to piggy back from our experience as "based devs" to consult you on your launch, and give you access to top-tier marketing.
PERMABULL has another awesome feature for devs to launch coins: the DAO guarantees a rug-free environment for both investors and devs alike. Since the tokens are created on PERMABULL, investors can feel confident that scam tactics have been removed, but also get a seal of approval from a trusted entity immediately on launch.
To apply for a launch, please read the process here.​
To promote an existing or upcoming project of yours to our diamond handing community, please reach out to us here.

Roadmap & Vision

Hundreds of meme tokens are being created each day and a big part of them are rugs/scams. The vision of PERMABULL is to become a recognised launchpad where many iconic crypto memes are birthed, giving investors the confidence for future launches.
PERMABULL also plans to also launch an NFT launchpad, amongst other initiatives:
  • NFT royalty burns; we’ve seen passive income NFTs be successful so we could incorporate this feature in an exclusive PERMABULL NFT collection. This gives the collection intrinsic value from the start and allow additional benefits to the launchpad
  • Simple, addictive P2E flash games; we don’t aim to create the next metaverse. Simple games can be extremely lucrative, like this coin flip game on Solana, and most importantly easily achievable for the DAO
  • Partner with other launchpads; making joint coin launches with another launchpad means that we mutually benefit from each other investor pools, and create a positive buy pressure on each other’s native tokens, in addition to a great talent exchange
  • Partake in larger IDOs/IGOs; Having a pool for a serious project, also listed on the larger IDO platforms, like Polkastarter, would not only attract quality projects but also a larger pool of investors thanks to the gained credibility.
Why we see potential in this:
  1. 1.
    Tons of people want to launch their own project but don’t have any funding or coding knowledge.
  2. 2.
    Tons of people get rugged everyday, buying scammy reflection tokens. PERMABULL offers a solution to both of these problems.
  3. 3.
    Large influencers are backing the meme already and giving their seal of approval (i.e. Eric Cryptoman, Skulls, Maythous and more)
  4. 4.
    At this market cap, the risk is higher not investing at a project of this scale. Enough buy pressure could bring this project to new heights entirely
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